Tuesday 14 July

First a walk with Max to the village shop for some tomato puree and an I, before returning for breakfast.

After that we were making preparations to leave when my phone rang and so Storm waved cheerio and headed off along the towpath with Max. I finished my phone call, untied the boat and motored on after them.

There had been a steady stream of boats passing us before we set off and Storm rang me to say that I needn’t rush as there was a queue of boats at the lock, so I slowed down to tick-over.   I crossed back over the Edstone aqueduct and had time to take in the view.   We’d passed under it yesterday on the train and it didn’t look as impressive from below as it does when you’re on top. From there I could see the queue of boats ahead and so I knocked the boat into out of gear and just drifted. There wasn’t a breath of wind and so the boat maintained a straight course.

I popped down below and washed up the breakfast pots whilst keeping on eye on where I was in relation to the canal side out of the window. Job done, I went back up on deck and waited my turn.

As Storm had got to the lock well ahead of me, he’d got involved in helping three other boats up and one boat down. After he’d emptied the lock for the fourth time it was my turn.

Storm said it had been like United Nations this morning as English had been the second language for everyone else.

Anyway, Storm and Max got back on board and we continued on to Wootton Wawen where we filled up with diesel at the Anglo Welsh yard there, having reversed back onto their fuel jetty. We needed to fill up with water too but as our tank is at the front of the boat our hose wouldn’t reach.


Tap on the fence just after the white sign …


Room to fill up with diesel today as most holiday boats have gone


The CRT tap here is in the daftest place as it is actually on the edge of the aqueduct that carries the canal over the Stratford Road. This means that whenever a boat stops to fill up with water they close the canal for all other boats. As we have quite a big water tank we decided to wait until this evening to fill up when all boats have stopped for the night rather than incur the wrath of impatient boaters. Instead we pulled on to the 48 moorings just beyond.

This afternoon I cleaned the inside of the boat as rainy days, muddy towpaths and an enthusiastic Cocker spaniel, don’t do much for cleanliness.




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