Sunday 12 July

We’d looked at the weather forecast for the rest of the week and today looked like the best day for starting our journey back. We planned to travel the four miles and up  16 locks to Wilmcote.

Before we left Stratford I popped to Morrisons with the bike to pick up a few things I’d missed off the ASDA order. Storm set off in another direction as he wanted to go to Currys to look for a hardrive to store our photos.

Our shopping expeditions were both successful and we arrived back at the boat within seconds of each other.   We untied and moved into the basin and winded and headed back onto the Stratford Canal.   We were thankful that as it was Sunday there were quite so many gongoozlers watching us.

It was my turn to do the locks today, with Max’s help. We pulled in for water after the first four locks and just as we stopped we were caught out by unexpected torrential tropical style downpour. It lasted ten minutes and then the sun came out again.   It was just as if our turning on the tap had caused it to rain!

IMG_1445 IMG_1449

The rest of the afternoon was glorious sunshine and we worked our way steadily up the flight. There was a volunteer lock-keeper on duty and he was busy helping those with crews of two or more coming down the flight.   At least all the locks were set in our favour. We did find descending crews closing gates behind them even though we were approaching – they were holiday boaters who were only obeying the instructions on the lock gates that say ‘ensure all gates and paddles are closed as you leave”! We’ll forgive them this time.



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