Saturday 11 July

A view of the RSC from our mooring

A view of the RSC from our mooring

We were up early to walk Max before it got too warm and while we were out we bought a newspaper before returning to the boat for breakfast.

Later we left Max on board while we ventured into town but there were too many tourists to make this a pleasurable experience and so we headed down to the river and found a shady spot where we could watch all the fun.


As well as the usual rowing boats crewed mainly by first time oarsmen, the punts and the cruise boats, there was a charity rowing race taking place which had attracted a large crowd of supporters cheering them on from opposite the theatre. It was mayhem as everyone but the race crews tried to stay out of the way of the racing.

The riverside moorings had all been suspended for the weekend althouogh narrowboats venturing out of the basin onto the river could still proceed downstream towards Tewkesbury and were having to pick their way cautiously past all the smaller boats.

There may have been a spot of cheating in the woman’s race though …


We returned to the boat for lunch and then later in the afternoon we walked north along the river and away from all the excitement of the town.   We followed the footpath and although this was beside the river, the foliage on the bank sides had been left uncultivated and allowed only infrequent glimpses of the river. We could hear the boaters’ squeals as most of the hire boats had chosen to head upstream to avoid the regatta and the river narrows beyond the bridge so there was less room for them to manoeuvre.   We didn’t stray from the path as we spotted Giant Hogweed which if you come into contact with the sap can cause horrendous blisters.



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