Friday 10 July

We were away by 8.30 before it got too hot and headed down the 16 locks and four miles to Stratford.  We’d planned to moor above One Elm Lock but there wasn’t anywhere to moor and so we continued down the final three locks towards the basin where we found a mooring slot outside the Pen & Parchment pub.

Mooring in Stratford Basin is to be avoided if at all possible as there are so many Gongoozlers craning their necks shamelessly to see inside your boat.

We moored up just before lunch and turned the radio on to catch up with the cricket.  Such a joy!

As we finished lunch the Stratford Canal Trust rubbish collecting boat came by with three volunteers trying to fish for bottles, cartons etc in the canal.  It was amusing to note that their fishing nets were made of wire in-tray baskets nailed to a piece of inch by two!    It was good to see they had the right tools for the job and were doing their bit for recycling.


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