Monday 6 July

We needed to move today as there was neither phone nor internet signal in Lowsonford, or at least that’s what we thought until we were woken this morning by our £10 emergency, Pay As You Go “text and phone only” mobile ringing. It was Laura ringing to check we were still alive and she laughed when I answered and commented that ‘sophisticated smart phones aren’t that smart’!

We did move on though, but not before we’d had a cooked breakfast. We didn’t have far to go today – just seven locks and two miles to Preston Bagot.

Today's lock crew

Today’s lock crew

[We’re taking things very slowly for the next two weeks as we’re waiting to meet up with James & Ali who are going to take the boat and explore this canal the first week of the school holidays while we pop home.]

We met a flotilla of boats from Braunston who had been at the Stratford River Festival this weekend and who were making their way back to their base. The flotilla were nicely spaced out and we met one at each lock we approached and so the locks were always in our favour.

By lunch-time it was trying to rain although we managed to avoid the showers and having our reached our destination we went off on foot to explore the area.

Preston Bagot is a small settlement about 1.5 miles from Henley in Arden. The village is beside the busy Redditch to Warwick A4189 and there is no footpath beside the road and so we turned off the main road along a narrow country lane. This led to the church which sits on a hill overlooking the houses below. We climbed up to the church, which was of Norman origin with a pretty timber bell turret, and admired the view over the Warwickshire countryside before retracing our steps.

The house beside our mooring is using his redundant vehicles to interesting effect; one is a wendy house, one is a planter, and one hangs from a tree. There was nobody about for us to discuss their artistic intentions unfortunately.

IMG_1367 IMG_1368 IMG_1373


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