Friday 3 July


We are the only boat on the moorings at Catherine de Barnes and so we decided to stay another day to explore more of the area. We set off in sunshine with Max, but before it got too hot, and followed some public footpath signs away from the canal. The route took us across fields devoid of any livestock but covered in white clover flowers, celandines and bugle. We could hear crickets in the grass and there were a few brown butterflies darting about. We walked westwards towards Berry Hall and could hear peacocks calling in the distance.

After we’d crossed one or two country lanes, the route brought us out on the A41 and we then walked back along Hampton Lane, passing quite a number of 1920’s architect-designed houses, that had been clearly influenced by some of the well known names of the time. Most of the houses were sitting behind automatically operated security gates with some expensive cars on their driveways.

We spent the afternoon in the shade reading, and trying to avoid the intensity of the sun’s rays.



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