Wednesday 1 July

Today we planned to visit the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull about two miles away as the crow flies. We intended to travel part way by bus and part way on foot. Storm spoke to a villager who was washing his car about the best way to reach the museum, when he kindly offered to take us. As it turned out we were later advised that it was impossible to reach the museum on foot as it sits on an island in the middle of the motorway so we came back from the museum by taxi.

Storm has wanted to visit this museum for a long time and he was not disappointed with it.   Five huge halls housing over 600 British made motorbikes, all gleaming, with no signs of rust, as though they were all fresh off the production line. They represented a cross section of machines from the early 1900s to the 1980s. There are motorcycles of every type; large, small, fast and slow. Storm enjoyed explaining the difference to me of engines with one, two, three and four cylinders, two strokes, four stroke and rotary; everything from the commuter bike to the mighty superbike and those that made history on the race track. A good time was had by both of us.

There were far too many bikes to photo,  so I’ve just included the ones that caught my attention.  For all you model makers, here is a full size motorbike made entirely of wood …

IMG_1256 IMG_1261

And this copper plated one made in someone’s shed made in the 1930’s from the remains of an AA patrol crashed Chater-Lea.



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