Tuesday 16 June

The owners of Sherbourne Wharf Heritage Narrowboats, who operate all the trip boats in Birmingham, have recently renovated the Fiddle & Bone canalside pub located between St Vincent Street Bridge and Sheepcote Street Bridge.

The boat behind us with clematis growing on its back deck

The boat behind us with clematis growing on its back deck


The Fiddle & Bone

The pub is one of a group of buildings here that together provide a stylish example of early canal architecture. We fell in love with this site when we first came to Birmingham in 2010 and have always hoped that it would be lovingly restored.  The pub has stood empty for a number of years after the residents who moved into the modern flats opposite, that were built as part of the area’s regeneration, complained about the noise the pub generated.

The downside of the pub reopening is that Birmingham has lost about 4 of its “14Day” mooring spaces, as Sherbourne Wharf has now moved its service jetty for diesel, coal, gas, etc to the pub site and the space is needed for passing boats to pull in.

When we arrived yesterday all the moorings here were full but after a conversation last night with one of the boats occupying one of the spaces, who had offered to move up so that we could moor behind them, we spent this morning moving boats.   We managed to moor with our stern and middle ropes fastened round bollards with our bow against the wall to the exit from Oozells Loop; not ideal but we wish to stay in Birmingham for longer than the 48 hours allowed elsewhere nearby. We had a good chat with our neighbours before heading back on board in search of some shade as it was so hot out in the sun.

Yesterday Storm had been busy texting our friend John who said that he would like to come and see us today.   He arrived at lunchtime and we went over to the Fiddle & Bone for lunch. The food was very good and reasonably priced. They had lots of tables with sunshades set out in their courtyard and so we sat outside and spent a very pleasant afternoon catching up on each other’s news.


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