Monday, 15 June

Last night’s visit to the Dry Dock Pub didn’t happen as we discovered that it had been converted into flats about two years ago.   There is a surviving pub on the opposite side of the road that is a sixties estate pub selling keg beer and lots of lager – what a shame!

This morning we walked through more of the Windmill End Park and down the Bumblehole Branch which is a lovely urban environment, at the end of which there is a hidden community of boaters who are overlooked by the last surviving ‘gallows’ crane.

IMG_0709 IMG_0711

We passed by the Bumblehole Conservation Group Visitor Centre again only to discover that they’d had some unwelcome visitors overnight who had sprayed the outside of the building with meaningless graffiti. This appears to be an on-going problem here and as fast as the Group remove it, the graffiti returns.   We’d been moored about 20 yards away and we’d not heard or seen anyone loitering in that area.


We moved off after we’d had breakfast and headed through the 3027 yard Netherton Tunnel, which took us about 40 minutes. This tunnel is quite light and airy, with a towpath either side, but it was nice to reach the end and head out into sunshine. We turned right onto the Birmingham Mainline Canal and continued on for 5.5 miles before mooring up outside the recently refurbished Barclaycard Area (formerly the NIA).

There were more boats on the move today than we’ve ever seen in Birmingham before and we were glad we arrived at lunch-time as by tea-time incoming boats were struggling to find somewhere to moor.

We headed out on foot this afternoon to New Street Station to pick up some pre-ordered rail tickets and en-route passed this guy sitting in thin air. How does he do it?



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