Thursday 11 June

We have an appointment with a train next Thursday and so we are killing time, only moving when we need to, to top up with water or do some washing.

We moved up through Kinver Lock this morning, filled with water and then headed north towards the Stourbridge Canal. There are four locks at the start of this canal and we noticed that the water level in the pound above the second lock was about 18” below its normal level.   We remembered it was like this last time we came this way and so I walked ahead to look at the water levels in the next pound. The level here was down a bit but not too bad and so I let some water down and then went back to Lock 2 to see Storm edge his way out of the lock and through the pound. He cleared the stone cill and drifted forward and kept to the middle of the pound, passing through as slowly as possible so as not to displace any more water than necessary.   There were some clunking noises coming from under the boat as he scraped over debris but he made it safely into Lock 3.   By the time we’d filled Lock 3, the pound above was drained at the edges and Storm again steered through the centre channel where the water is deepest and only ran aground once before he made it to Lock 4.   The water levels above Lock 4 were normal and we had no more problems.

It was such a nice sunny day we decided to stop soon afterwards in open countryside.   We only saw one other boat all afternoon but the towpath was very busy with walkers and cyclists and some of them stopped for a natter and to make a fuss of Max.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 11 June

  1. Are you following us again?!
    Was the Aubretia still out just before lock 4? It was wonderful when we came through, although the lady in the garden didn’t know what it was called.
    Pip and Mick x

    • We’re not following you as we think you’re following us, albeit five years later! The Aubretia was still out and it must have been magnificent as it caught my eye when I was more worried about lack of water. We hope the rain doesn’t cause you any problems while you’re on the Soar as we’re just sitting listening to it drum on the roof and I’ve had to clear out all the channels on the windows as the water wasn’t draining away and was leaking in. Keep floating. X

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