Tuesday 9 June

We moved on just five miles and Max was pleased to be back on a narrow canal with the freedom to run up and down the boat roof rather than being tied up on the back deck.

The Staffordshire & Worcester canal follows a fairly rural route once you get past Kidderminster and we stopped about three miles north of there when we spotted some mooring rings, close to the village of Caunsall.   We don’t think anybody has stopped here in a long time though as the rings were very rusty and were almost buried in the undergrowth. We later discovered there was no phone or WIFI signal here so perhaps that is why it was so quiet.

The grass verge was quite wide though between the path and the canal and so we laid out our thick rubber matting that we bought last week in Gloucester and cut it to size.   It is surprisingly heavy and quite hard to manhandle. Our back deck though now looks a lot smarter than it did and the added benefit is that the matting masks some of the engine noise as we’d hoped it might.


Before tea we had a quick explore of the local area. Down a little woodland path, and over a bridge over the river, we came out onto the village main street. We’d expected to find two thriving pubs in the village but unfortunately the allegedly haunted Rock Tavern was all boarded up. However, the Anchor Inn was exceptionally busy. We arrived just ten minutes after it opened and all the tables were taken with at least 30 people already served with drinks and enjoying their evening meal. It wasn’t a big pub and we only spotted one bar maid on duty.   We were so amazed we actually rechecked their opening time and decided they must have had all the meals plated up ready just to hand out!

We returned to the boat though to eat.


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