Monday 8 June

Storm had some work to do today and as it was sunny with a good breeze I took a load of washing down to the CRT service block.   Last time we had to work out for ourselves how to power up the machines but this time there were full instructions on the wall.    As the main wash cycle indicated that it would take just 55 minutes, Max and I went on a 54 minute walk.

We walked along a small part of the Severn Way that takes you all along the banks of the River Severn.   We left Stourport and headed towards Bewdley and walked through the site of the Stourport Motor Boat and Bungalow Society where there are bank side lockable garden enclosures with access to individual river mooring sites.   Set back from the riverside there are little wooden chalet style bungalows.

After twenty seven minutes we turned back and were just in time to see the washing machine click ‘END’ and to rescue our washing.   We returned to the boat and hung the washing out on our rotary airer.

The rest of the day was spent pottering around the town.


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