Sunday 7 June

We’re still in Stourport and we’ve been enjoying really good weather.  We shopped for groceries at Tesco  and boat bits at the chandlers as we needed some black rope for our new fenders.    We also had time to sit and people watch and enjoy an ice-cream.    Last night we went to the pub with the couple off the boat that accompanied us up river on Friday.   They’ve led an interesting life and once lived in Yorkshire and know some colourful  people that we’ve heard of!

Today we walked into Kidderminster.  This meant that Max had a decent walk as its four miles away.   We needed to pop to Staples there to do some A3 photocopying as there is nowhere in Stourport with A3 paper!  Whilst there I popped into Range and bought some water brushes and intense ink blocks.   I’d seen children at Slimbridge using them and I’ve been looking for them ever since as the results of their artwork were quite impressive.    We caught the bus back.


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