Friday 5 June

The river level had dropped by about a foot overnight and by 9.30 this morning all boats were preparing to leave Upton in glorious sunshine.   Three of us headed up river.

We phoned ahead to warn Diglis Lock at Worcester of our impending arrival just before noon and the lock keeper had prepared the large lock so we could all go in together, otherwise one of us would have had to wait a turn. (Apparently he can’t use this large lock when the river is in flood as there are gaping holes in the top gates that let too much water in.)

We stopped just above the lock to fill up with water before continuing on our way again. This took about an hour. The two other boats had moored up for lunch on the moorings beside Worcester Race Course and we waved as we passed them and continued up river with another boat that had come up from Upton slightly later than us and they kept us company all the way to Stourport.

It was 6pm by the time we’d both locked up through the two pairs of narrow staircase locks and up through York Street lock to moor for the night on the first available visitor moorings.   It is two months to the day since we were last here.

23 miles, 9 locks.


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