Tuesday 2 June

After a very rocky night, the wind was still blowing and buffeting us about this morning and it was actually quite a relief to leave the boat and spend some time on dry land.   We visited Gloucester’s Art Gallery & Museum to learn about the city’s history from the time of the Romans through to the present day.

The ground floor of exhibits provided a lot of information and had been well thought through and was really child friendly.  The second floor of the museum was not particularly child friendly as the cabinets were too high and the exhibits were not very well labelled.   Also on the second floor is the small art gallery which comprised a visiting exhibition of street art, and nothing more.  The exhibition was excellent and thought provoking but we had gone expecting more.   There is a charge of £5 to visit the building although this does allow you access for 12 months.   We came away slightly disappointed, given Gloucester’s strategic importance over the years.

The wind was supposed to have dropped by 2pm but at tea-time it was still blowing and so we decided,  rather than spend another evening watching the surrounding rooftops disappear as we bobbed about, we’d go to the cinema to see Tomorrow Land.   We very much enjoyed the film although we won’t say any more at this stage so as not to spoil it for you.

By the time we returned to the boat the waves in the dock had disappeared and all was calm.


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