Monday 1 June

Yesterday, as it was grey and overcast in the morning, we enjoyed visiting the National Waterways Museum in one of the restored dock warehouses. This is worth a visit for even the most experienced boater. We learnt from one of the volunteers there that the museum was nearly lost before the CRT took over from British Waterways and that it has just been awarded nearly £1m for a total overhaul of its exhibits and hopefully this will guarantee that it survives for future generations.

In the evening, we stepped back in time and visited the New Inn Hotel, a Grade 1, 14th century building, which if the walls could talk would surely tell some interesting tales of bawdiness.

We met a Canadian couple there who said that they’d met the Bishop of our home town of Beverley. We were a little puzzled as we weren’t aware that Beverley had a Bishop but according to Google he is based in York.


Today, with the BBC forecasting rain and strong winds over the next 48 hours, we decided to stay in Gloucester until Wednesday and light the stove for the first time in ten days!

The floating pontoons in the dock are only 40ft long and it is impossible to tie up tight so that the boat doesn’t move. Even in a gentle breeze the pontoons seem to rock to a different rhythm to the boat and we’ve been banging against them. As we’ve lost all but one fender, we decided it was time to invest in some new ones to help protect our newly painted sides.

With no chandlery in the dock, we searched on line and found mention of one two miles away. However, as we set out on our shopping expedition we passed JDR Karting who sold us six small used tyres for just £10 – a real bargain!! (The wind has really picked up this evening and they are working a treat).


This afternoon we visited the magnificent Norman cathedral where Henry III was coronated in 1216, Robert of Normandy (eldest son of William the Conqueror) was buried in 1134 and Edward II in 1327.   We also came across another mention from home as there was a memorial stone to our local nobility – Sir Charles Hotham Bart, whose family still live at South Dalton, a village close to Beverley.

IMG_0583       IMG_0587


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