Saturday 30 May

First job today was to find the local branch of Carphone Warehouse as I’ve had the misfortune of finding out that water and mobiles don’t mix.  Anyway, after a trip first to the ‘3’ shop to test out my sim card, I’m now contactable again on my number that ends ‘991’.

Whilst out we spotted a branch of ‘Countrywide’ who had some good quality heavy duty rubber matting for sale.  This is marketed as suitable for flooring out horse boxes and we’ve been looking for something to lay on our back deck, over the lid to the engine bay, to see if it provides some soundproofing.  The matting was quite heavy and so we first returned to the boat to collect the bike so we could again use it as a mule to help carry it back.

While we were enjoying a cup of tea back on board, we were caught by a member of the Cotswold Canals Partnership  who are working to restore the Stroudwater Navigation from Saul Junction to Stonehouse initially and, then all the way to Lechlade on the River Thames eventually.  Over the next two months they are holding a public consultation to raise awareness and to seek public opinion of their plan and so we went along to the Dock Office to learn more.    The first phase of their plan is a restoration project that we are likely to see in our lifetime.

Our plans to see the Cathedral and the Boat Museum will have to wait until tomorrow.

We walked towards Gloucester Park this evening and came across this pub.   We didn’t go in but wondered if the planners have had anything to say about this?


We narrowly missed pigeon missiles this evening, and this one only paused for a brief stopover thankfully.



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