Thursday 28 May

A lovely warm and sunny day to sit and relax. “Another tall ship heading your way” came the call – it crept up behind us though as it was coming in rather than going out. Apparently heading to Gloucester Dry Dock from Germany for repair. They slipped up – had they arrived last week they’d have been paid to make the journey!

Our good friend Terry joined us for dinner at The Three Horseshoes last night where we ordered the house speciality “The 3 Shu Pie”. This is a pie of three sections:

  1. Bubbling cauliflower cheese
  2. Creamy mash potato with vegetables folded in
  3. The filling of your choice.

… all under a golden puff pastry crust.   We chose the steak and kidney. Yummy!

We were then in for another treat.   Unfortunately Terry couldn’t stay for this so we waved him goodbye with a promise to see each other again soon.

The Bad Apple Theatre Company, based in York, were appearing at Frampton Village Hall with their latest production; The Unlikely Dads.   This starred Rob Angell, an actor I’ve known now for nearly ten years and who was surprised to see us so far from home.  Rob was playing Bob, and his fellow cast member, Robert Took was playing Terry.

We returned to the pub afterwards for a good natter with the cast and crew.   By coincidence the other half of Wasp were also at the theatre tonight, seeing a performance in Welford by Mikron, the theatre company who travel round the country by narrowboat and we discovered that Robert Took has performed with Mikron in the past and Mr Took also lives on a boat on the Huddersfield Wide, so we all had plenty to talk about and only left the pub when asked to do so.


One thought on “Thursday 28 May

  1. Ahh, very small world indeed. Mr Took was also in ‘An Incredible Journey’ produced by Esk Valley Theatre to do a school tour a few years ago. The Mikron Company have yet to move NB Tyselely, they learn all about her next week. There was trepidation and excitement in their eyes.

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