Tuesday 26 May

Two of the tall ships were due to leave Gloucester this morning as they were booked to lock out at Sharpness on the lunch-time tide.

We spotted the masts of the ships moving above the line of the village rooftops and prepared to watch them pass us.   We then heard that they were planning to moor up opposite to wait for the go ahead from Sharpness Lock, so we headed off for a closer look.


   Masts above the rooftops


Welsh boat ‘Beaumaris’ passing



Dutch boat Mergenster passing


The large ship had come over from Holland and the smaller boat had come from Bangor in North Wales. We got talking to the skipper of the Welsh boat who told us that he’d had great fun in Gloucester dock taking part in a battle re-enactment with cannon, whilst under full sail (and motor). In a very understated and matter of fact way he told us what he’d done to create the boat we were looking at. He invited us on board so we could admire his handiwork.   He told us he was a boat builder and had created this beautiful wooden boat in his spare time. The timber bath and wash hand basin were superb!

IMG_0467 IMG_0466

He was hoping to return to Wales under sail but he had an eye on the weather and thought they would end up motoring much of the way as he couldn’t sail in anything stronger than Force 5 and Wednesday’s forecast was not looking too good.

This afternoon we moved back to Splatt Bridge to try to get a good internet signal as we need to place a Tesco grocery order. We’re still not having any success as the internet signal is very intermittent.


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