Monday 25 May

Storm chose today to climb down into the engine bay to service the engine, a manoeuvre that really requires double-jointed knees. He changed the filters, oil etc while I stayed close by in case I was needed to pass anything down to him. I took the opportunity to tidy the boat, bake some bread and make a chocolate cake.

With the service completed we decided to move down to Purton. We switched on the engine and immediately there was an audible alarm and the oil pressure light alerted us to a problem. Not good news when Storm had just put 9 litres of oil into the engine.

Overalls on and back into the engine bay, Storm retraced his actions and soon discovered that when he’d swapped the oil filter over, the rubber gasket ring from the old one hadn’t come away and had remained in place. Once he removed the old gasket, tightened everything back up and topped up the oil, we tried in the engine again and this time all was well.

We moored up on the visitor moorings, and with tea cooking in the oven, we headed off to see if The Pub (part of the Berkeley Estate) to see if its erratic opening hours included a Bank Holiday Monday evening. The gate was open and there were cars in the car park this time and we entered the bar area, or at least tried to. With ten people already in there, the room was full, and so we took our drinks and sat in the porch from where we could eavesdrop whilst enjoying the view of the estuary.


View from The Pub porch


The landlady of the pub doesn’t appear to need the trade as according to local gossip she only opens when she has to, and never in the Winter, and many of the locals appear to have boycotted the pub.



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