Wednesday 20 May

It was still quite cool but dry when I took Max for his morning walk into Frampton on Severn. I spotted this construction in the reeds. Does anyone know what it is?


This lovely village has more than its fair share of pretty dwellings and gardens, (no doubt attracting high prices), two pubs, and a café that doubles up as the village store selling only those very limited dry goods that you can’t live without, oh and milk!

They don’t sell bread, but there was a notice in the shop window advising that for fresh bread you need to call a mobile number, place your order, and then collect from one of six collections points at the stated time.   The only problem was that the next collection time was mid-afternoon on Friday.   I returned to the boat to make my own bread.

The other thing the village lacked was a regular mobile and internet signal. It seemed to come and go with the tide!

A third tall ship passed us at lunch-time and it probably came into Sharpness on this morning’s high tide. It was travelling at such a speed I didn’t have time to grab my camera.

My nieces were coming for tea after school this evening and I’d suggested we BBQ. Unfortunately, it was far too breezy and so we had a ‘grillathon’ instead with burgers, hot dogs and garlic bread and Eton mess for pudding.





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