Tuesday 19 May

A slow, lazy start to the day before we moved off mid-morning to fill up with water at Fretherne Bridge.

We’d intended reversing onto the visitor moorings just north of the bridge but the bridgekeeper came to chat with us on the water point and persuaded us to continue through the bridge and moor up about 500m beyond where we could enjoy a view of the river.   We took his advice. He was right the view was quite spectacular with fields beside us, and the river and Forest of Dean beyond.


Our friend Terry drove up from Bristol to join us at lunch-time and we walked back to meet him at Fretherne Bridge. He’d brought his puppy Springer spaniel, Pablo, with him and so we decided to walk to Upper Framilode via Saul for a pub lunch at The Ship Inn to try to wear the dogs out.

Max wasn’t particularly welcoming to Pablo and there was some growling as we walked with them both on leads to the pub. Unfortunately we didn’t quite walk fast enough as we arrived literally a minute late for lunch and the landlady wasn’t prepared to make an exception as she stopped taking orders for lunch at 2pm!

Also the dogs had to stay in the beer garden so we tied them to separate tables and left them to get to know each other, at a distance.

We stopped for a drink and then left to return to the boat, but not before we walked to village church that sits right beside the river.

Max was still growling on our walk back, despite a stiff talking to.

We timed our walk back to perfection as within minutes of getting back the fast approaching black clouds had signalled we were in for a downpour and the heavens opened and we had a couple of really heavy squally showers before the wind dropped and the sun came out again.

Approaching squall

Approaching squall

Once back on the boat, Max and Pablo played well together and after five hours of mischief they had worn themselves out and were both fast asleep.


We had a lovely afternoon and evening chatting and it was starting to get dark as we walked with Terry back to his car.



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