Monday 18 May

Weatherwise the forecast was for frequent heavy showers in the morning with strong winds developing in the afternoon.

We’d moored up on the 4hr Sainsbury’s mooring after they’d closed yesterday afternoon and this morning visited the store to browse the clothing and homeware departments before shopping for food.

With the worst of the showers over after lunch, we moved off and followed another boat southwards.   The two boats stayed together as far as Saul Junction before we pulled in and moored up for the evening.   The wind had picked up during the afternoon and we had pulled in as soon as we found somewhere that offered some shelter.

We’ve visited here by car before a few years ago and it looks quite different from the water,

The geese came to greet us to introduce their young family.

IMG_0158 IMG_0165


Before we ate our evening meal we went for a walk along the towpath and turned towards Frampton, a beautiful linear village notable for its village green which is allegedly the largest in England at 100 yards wide and half a mile long with the lovely Georgian mansion of Frampton Court facing the green.  We returned to Saul Junction via the arm that once was part of the Stroudwater Canal.




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