Thursday 14 April

As we basked in the sunshine yesterday evening, I hadn’t thought to check the weather forecast before I posted our blog.

Unfortunately a cold and wet day was promised so we decided to postpone today’s 30 mile river journey to Gloucester as the weather looks better for tomorrow.

So this morning, having lit the stove, we donned our winter coats again and headed off to explore more of Worcester on foot.

We headed north, beyond Foregate Street Railway Station towards the university.   Our route took us past the town’s library, art gallery and museum, the county court building, the Alice Otley School and the Royal Grammar School, all of which were interesting buildings and some interesting doorways.

IMG_0056 IMG_0057

Views left and right down side roads whetted our appetite to explore more and we took one or two detours to look at some lovely examples of Edwardian villas.

IMG_0058 IMG_0060

We then headed west towards the racecourse where Max was able to charge about off his lead. We came back beside the river, where the splendid coppiced horse chestnut trees provided an umbrella and sheltered us from the rain when we sat on one of the benches to watch the wildlife on the river. The only boat out on the river today was one of the river cruising trip boats.

IMG_0070 IMG_0061

This afternoon I’ve done some ‘cooking’, resisting the temptation to do some ‘baking’. To make best use of the oven I made

  • pigs in blankets with roast vegetables, and steamed potatoes wrapped in foil with just a knob of butter for dinner tonight
  • a quiche for lunch tomorrow and
  • a lasagne for tomorrow evening.

Tonight’s meal got a very positive thumbs up and I hope the quiche lasts long enough to be enjoyed at lunch time tomorrow.


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