Wednesday 13 May

We’re back after nearly two weeks at home rather than just the one we originally intended.   Best laid plans etc….

We arrived back into Worcester at 2.30pm today after a four hour train journey and, after a cup of tea back on board, we popped to the nearby ASDA to stock up with perishables.

With the fridge full again, and having paid our marina dues, we edged our way carefully out of the marina and worked our way down through two locks before mooring up in the basin, close to where we were two weeks ago.

We took Max for a walk to check on the state of the river and to see how many boats have moored up for the evening on the river as we plan to head downstream in the morning towards Gloucester.   The riverside moorings were all full tonight which may make it difficult for Storm to pull in to pick me up in the morning and we’ve decided that it may be easier for me to walk the short distance down to the first river lock (Diglis Lock) where he won’t have any problems with river flow.

Diglis Lock viewed from downstream. We’ll be passing through here tomorrow


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