Wednesday 29 April

A day of further exploration.

IMG_0039 IMG_0041 IMG_0048

Worcester  has many fine examples of medieval and Tudor buildings centered on the Cornmarket, Friar Street and New Street. We wandered past most of these before heading for the most prestigious – The Commandery.   This is a maze of half-timbered buildings that served as the Royalist headquarters for the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

The Battle of Worcester was the final battle of the Civil War when Oliver Cromwell beat Charles II, leaving Charles to flee for his life and his captured royalist supporters facing deportation to Barbados or Boston.

The Commandery museum covers six different time zones of the building’s colourful history and audio guides transport you through each of the periods but perhaps not all in one day as it takes an hour to cover just one time zone.   We elected to follow the history of the Civil War, although you could have focused on the time when it was a medieval monastic hospital, through to when the building was a print shop or a merchant’s house.

Afterwards we climbed to the top of Fort Royal Hill (the site of the battle) from where the views of Worcester Cathedral and the Malvern Hills were spectacular, making the climb well worth the effort.


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