Tuesday 28 April

We’d hoped to be at the front of any boats heading into Worcester this morning as the locks were set in our favour but just as we were preparing to set off a hire boat overtook us and so we waited another 15 minutes before setting off so that they would be clear of the first lock by the time we got there.

We passed under the M5 about half a mile north of Junction 6. The first two locks were empty as we knew they would be but the next pair were full and it was only as we started to empty them that we saw that the left paddles were broken allowing lots of water in from the top and we suspect someone had knocked the ratchet off causing the paddle to drop suddenly, rather than winding it down slowly. There were some CRT guys in the pound above so we alerted them and continued on our way.

Apart from one other lock we had the remaining nine locks to fill and empty.

At Bilford Top Lock we managed to trap a duckling in the lock with us and his Mum was very relieved to see him when he followed us out of the lock.


We passed a couple of swans on their nest and as we passed one it was incubation change over time and we counted four eggs and on the other the swan was sharing it with a duck.


We made it into Diglis Basin in time for lunch and filled up with water before looking for a mooring.


There was a helpful pirate moored opposite who advised where not to moor.

We’d passed quite a lot of visitor moorings before reaching the basin and as we didn’t fancy trying to wind in the breeze we reversed up and just managed to squeeze onto a mooring before the bridge allowing us to moor our blank side against the towpath.

After a nice hot shower and a bit of a rest we headed off to the railway station to pick up tickets and had another ‘what a small world moment’.

There was a guy in the queue behind me and I asked him if he was in a hurry to buy his ticket and I explained that we weren’t travelling until Friday. He stepped in front of me after which the conversation between us went something like this when he asked…

“Are you going anywhere nice?”


“No! Where exactly?”


“Your’re kidding, I come from Little Weighton.”

At that point he got served after which it was my turn, so he continued conversing with Storm …

“So you’re from Beverley, actually my Dad works in Beverley – he has an office near the bus station, he’s a surveyor, Mike Glover”.

“I know him and I’ve done work for him”.

“Really, in what capacity?”

Storm explained how he knew him and asked to be remembered to him.










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