Monday 27 April

On Saturday afternoon, when we were on the bus back to Tibberton , we’d spotted the Worcester branch of Howdens, and decided that we’d return today to pick up a new door for one of our kitchen cupboards.   After five years the ‘foil’ has come away from the mdf due to heat escaping from the oven.   We’d also planned to visit the cathedral.

We then read in Pip & Mick’s blog that they had delayed their departure from Worcester in order to do some sight-seeing today with a visit to the cathedral and we thought that if we bumped into them they might think we were stalking them.

There is only one bus out of Tibberton, other than the far too early school bus, so we made sure we caught it.

Kings Michael Baker Boathouse

  Kings Michael Baker Boathouse

We arrived into Worcester at 11 and strolled first along the River Severn and watched a Black Prince hire boat demonstrate how not to turn upstream from Diglis Basin after picking up its crew from the downstream pontoon.   Having checked that they hadn’t disappeared over the weir we walked away from the river and went to the cathedral.


Here we learnt a bit more about King John, the Magna Carta, and having enjoyed the magnificence of allegedly ‘England’s finest cathedral’, we headed back out into the sunshine.

We stopped off for coffee and cake at Bill’s café where the waitresses were very chatty, before wandering aimlessly through the streets admiring the architecture and window-shopping.

Eventually we headed off towards Howdens to collect our door. On our way back for the bus we also passed Wickes where we managed to find some aluminium angle that we plan to install between the oven and the cupboard as a heat deflector.

With our mission accomplished we caught the 16.36 bus back home without stalking anyone!







2 thoughts on “Monday 27 April

  1. Talking about leaving what did the Black Prince do wrong? I was planning to turn left ish towards the far bank and wind turning left. The thought being that I should be fairly close to the lock landing by then and pointing upstream. Doddle!

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