Saturday, 25 April

We think Tibberton is really Ambridge (Home of Radio 4’s The Archers); with  “Grundy’s Cottage” on the main street and Bert Fry in the Post Office as the guy there gives weather forecasts in rhyme “Aye, we need a drop, but it has to know when to stop”.

Having collected the Wasp’s Saturday papers, we left Blackbird moored up and instead headed off with Lillyanne towards Worcester.


Pip checking on progress of the two boats ahead …


We’re going home next week and we needed to investigate whether there was anywhere ahead where we could leave the boat.   We’d offered to help Pip with the first 12 locks and stay with them until Lowesmoor Basin when we would leave them to go and visit Worcester Marina.

We followed two other boats through the first ten locks and the front boat was a hire boat that was in no rush.

We passed this unusual building just sitting in the middle of a field and also saw two swans sitting on their nests.

IMG_4399 IMG_4400

We helped NB ISCA with the two bottom gates as they were immediately in front of us and as they left one lock, we were ready to refill it so Lillyanne could enter. After lock 10 hire boat pulled in for lunch and we continued on through two more locks before pulling in ourselves.   We had a lovely lunch of Pip’s home made bread with cheese after which Pip arranged a ‘Team Wasp’ photograph and then we all climbed back on board for about a further mile before Storm, Max and I, waved them goodbye.   We hope our paths might cross later in the year.

Team Wasp

Team Wasp

Worcester Marina have agreed to us leaving our boat with them for a week from Thursday. We then went to find out which of Worcester’s two railway stations is the best one for us to leave from next week and after that we headed for the bus station to see if we could catch a bus back to Tibberton. There are only three buses to the village each day (Monday – Saturday), and thankfully we only had to wait 40 minutes for the second of those buses.


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