Friday 24 April

The Wasp headed off towards Worcester with us leading the way. The first four locks were set in our favour and, as there were no other boats coming towards us, and as we left each lock I raised a top paddle to start refilling the lock for Lillyanne, before heading down to the next lock.   The last two locks were set against us and so we had to fill them twice and empty them twice to allow both boats down.   Max spent the morning running up and down between the two boats.

We pulled in for diesel just after we’d passed the turn off to the Droitwich Canal at Hanbury Wharf and also bought more paint as the prices here were reasonable.   There were quite a few wide beam boats moored here that seemed odd as they have nowhere to go on a narrow canal.   Apparently they are transported here by road for fit out before being hauled out of the water again onto a low-loader and taken away by road once sold.

Lillyanne came past us while we were filling with diesel and so we followed them for three miles through a straight pound filled with reeds that all rustled as we passed by.

Max was trotting up and down the boat roof, trying to get our attention and as he’d already had a good walk we ignored him, when suddenly he launched himself off the roof onto the towpath – his biggest leap yet.   He’d needed a wee!   Storm pulled in slightly and I jumped off and walked with Max a bit further.

Lillyanne had pulled in at Tibberton, on the nice visitor moorings there.   About half a mile ahead was the M5, followed by a further 8 locks, and so we agreed to stop here for the night.

Storm, Max and I went off to explore the village, leaving Pip and Mick making bread.

We met up again at 9 when Pip suggested it was time for a beer!



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