Tuesday 21 April

We walked back to the top of Tardebigge flight of locks to meet up with Pip & Mick for 10.

Max enjoying the view from the top of Tardebigge reservoir

Max enjoying the view from the top of Tardebigge reservoir

We passed three boats who’d begun their descent through the locks. Two of these were sole boaters and they’d teamed up to help each other down the flight, moving three locks at a time with one boat and then bringing the other down.

Lillyanne moved off at 10.10 with Mick at the helm, leaving the rest of us to work the locks. Storm went ahead to prepare the locks ahead while Pip and I lowered Lillyanne down and closed the lock up afterwards.

IMG_4364 IMG_4367 IMG_4368

We’d done about a third of the flight when we caught up the other three boats. The two sole boaters moored up to let us pass and Storm assisted the third boat and refilled the lock they’d just left. (We saw the sole boaters again at 4.30pm as they headed to the pub for a well deserved drink – it had taken them 8 hours to bring their two boats down).

Waiting for the lock to refill slowed us down slightly but we still cleared the flight in under 3 hours. Pip and I had chatted away while we worked, and it didn’t feel as though we’d done 29 locks by the time we reached the bottom lock at 1pm.


Tardebigge Bottom Lock

Tardebigge Bottom Lock

After a reviving cup of tea I headed off again but on the bike this time, to buy some wine from Aldi in Bromsgrove. This was quite good because I was able to freewheel down hills and only had to push the bike up relatively short distances when peddling became too hard.

Our Tesco delivery arrived as planned and the driver insisted on barrowing it from the pub car park, along the road and down the towpath to the boat, despite us having taken the bike with us to act as a mule. What service and with a smile too and all just for a £2 delivery charge!

Pip and Mick invited us to join them for supper this evening for a delicious porky apple stew and yummy orange crunchy topped cake with fresh raspberries and blueberries.   Another evening when the time just whizzed by when conversation and wine flowed easily.


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