Monday 20 April

A chilly and sunny start to the day.  A text from NB Lillyanne let us know that they’d be joining us later today and asked if we’d like some secret bread from the shop in Alvechurch.   We said, “Yes please and could they pick us some Lurpak to go with it”.

We spent the morning catching up on emails and generally pottering about.

Lillyanne joined us just after lunchtime.  We had a discussion about tactics followed by a cup of tea and Pip and Mick spoilt us by sharing their cream cakes that they’d bought from the secret bakers.

Our tactical discussion resulted in us suggesting that we head off down the locks today and that we would come back to the top of the flight in the morning on foot and help Pip and Mick through the locks.   It was agreed that this sounded like a plan.  Mick said that he would come and help us through the locks today.  (Pip wasn’t shirking – she didn’t feel too good)

A boat had just come up the flight of 30 locks which should mean that most of them would be set in our favour.

Pip walked with us for some of the locks but then headed back to Lillyanne as  the sun was really quite warm.

We got quite a good rhythm going.  To start with the locks were all set in our favour but then after about the first ten, the locks ahead of us were empty so with Mick walking ahead to set the locks, I stayed and opened and closed the two bottom gates.   Just recently, I’ve found the confidence to stride from one narrow lock gate to the other which saves a lot of walking round.

We didn’t check the time as we set off but think it was about 3pm and we made good time, reaching the bottom about 6pm.   The only mistake we made was that we forgot to put the washing machine on!!  Never mind.

Our food stocks are almost exhausted and we placed an on-line order that will be delivered about 4pm tomorrow.

We were too busy working today to take any pictures.




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