Wednesday 15 April

We awoke to thick fog and by the time that had lifted it was already too hot to paint, so we only wet and dry sanded yesterday’s paint.


We decided to move the 3.5 miles, 1 lock and 2 tunnels to Alvechurch. Here we knew we would find Lilyann and once more The Wasp would be reunited, albeit half was flying! Lilyann is getting her bottom blacked.


We were greeted with cheery waves from Pip and Mick who were standing looking out one of their side hatch as we approached the village and they invited us over for a cuppa. There was a handy 48 hour mooring just opposite them and as soon as we’d tied up we went over with some of our scones.   Pip had been busy baking too, making some delicious apple danishes.

We sat outside in the sunshine and chatted away for a couple of hours and it was only the strength of the sun that forced us to suspend our conversation and we returned to our boat to seek some shade and arranged to meet them later this evening in The Weighbridge pub.

We had a stroll in the village beforehand and bought fish and chips for tea which, considering how far we are from the sea, were good.


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