Tuesday 14 April

We woke early again to do our painting.   It was quite chilly at first, which was good as the boat’s steelwork gets really hot when the sun is out and this doesn’t help when applying paint.

Some time ago we watched a “Youtube” video that showed how to paint a narrowboat and so we thought we would try the technique for ourselves. The video advised two coats of enamel, and in between coats, to use some wet and dry sandpaper to flatten the paintwork.

We sanded yesterday’s undercoat before applying the enamel.

With one of us applying the paint with a roller, the other followed immediately behind with a dry brush to brush over the paint with a vertical stroke.

The one word of warning in the video was that ‘once the paint is applied and brushed, do not be tempted to go back and fettle the paint again’.   Apparently there is a chemical reaction that takes place in the paint whereby it evens itself out over the metalwork.

It was hard to resist going back over some of the paintwork but we knew there was a second coat to apply sometime soon.

The trouble with painting only part of the boat is that it makes all the other parts look a little dull but the thought of painting the whole boat is just too daunting and isn’t something we’re contemplating.   We will need to polish the boat again soon though!

By 11am the temperature was reaching the late teens and although the paint felt dry, we went off for the afternoon so that we wouldn’t be tempted to touch the paintwork until it was fully hardened.

The nearest shops to Tardebigge are either in Bromsgrove or Redditch and when we looked at the bus time-table the first bus to arrive would be to Redditch so that was where we ended up.   We took Max with us but this was a mistake as only assisted dogs were allowed in the shopping centre which meant that 80% of the town’s shops were inaccessible to us.     We only stayed an hour having bought some milk and a couple of fairly disappointing ice-lollies and returned to the boat.

It was nice sitting out on the deck this evening just reading.


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