Thursday 9 April

After a quick trip to the chemists to pick up some fresh dressings etc for Storm, we filled up with water and left Droitwich.

We had three swing bridges and a wide lock to do before entering the narrow River Salwarpe, which we travelled along for about half a mile, before arriving at the first of the narrow locks onto the Droitwich Junction Canal.   Almost immediately you pass under the M5 where headroom is very limited.   You are advised to remove your chimney and also ensure your water tanks are as full as possible so that you sit low in the water. There are height gauges before you enter the tunnel so you can judge whether you’re going to fit.


The tunnel under the M5.


Limited headroom

Once through the tunnel you encounter another lock, then a staircase of two, before passing the new Droitwich marina. The newly refurbished canal, from the tunnel under the M5 to the point after the marina, follows a new line.   After that you return to the original line of the canal and go up the three old locks at the junction with the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. These three old locks have side pounds, which are still in use, and today there was a volunteer lock keeper on hand to explain how they worked.

We turned left at the junction and head north towards Bromsgrove. We worked another six locks before mooring for the evening just south of Stoke Works.



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