Wednesday 8 April

Another sunny day and we spent a second night without the stove.

I went off to Morrisons with the bike this morning to replenish stocks after which we both strolled back into town to visit the museum attached to the tourist information centre. Here there is a small exhibition that explains why salt has been so important to Droitwich since iron age times. The brine is stronger here than that in the Dead Sea and it is only during the 19th century that the town has taken advantage of its healing and health properties.   In another room at the museum we learnt about the Droitwich long wave radio transmitter that still broadcasts for the BBC today.

We returned to the boat for lunch and then took Max for a walk along the tow path where we headed east along the Droitwich Junction Canal, a narrow canal that joins the Birmingham and Worcester canal after about a mile and a half. We plan to motor along this stretch tomorrow.   Our walk was cut short after Max was involved in an altercation with another dog this afternoon. Max escaped unscathed. However, it was only after the other dog had walked away that I noticed blood spots on the towpath and found that Storm had been bitten by the other dog.   We were near the Droitwhich Marina who kindly provided clean water and dressings, after which we headed back to the town’s medical centre where Storm had a tetanus injection and his fingers redressed by the nurse. All is now well.

This is Storm’s third mishap this week and so hopefully this marks the end of his run of bad luck!!.




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