Friday 3 April

James & Ali enjoyed their week on board Blackbird, travelling from Norbury Junction to Stourport on Severn and coped well with strong winds, rain and a broken gear selection cable and helped another boat free a carpet from round its propeller. They also found time to annotate our Nicholson’s guide with many additional pub notes!

While they’ve been on board we’ve spent four nights at home and three nights in Chester, mixing business with pleasure. We got caught up in last Tuesday’s M62 motorway closure when it took us six hours to travel by car the 8 miles between North Cave and Howden.

Our journey today from Chester to Stourport avoided motorways and we enjoyed a pleasant two hour drive through scenic Shropshire countryside.

We chatted for an hour with James & Ali before they left us and having said goodbye to both our children today, we felt quite flat and took ourselves off for a walk.   We made it beyond the basin and as far as the river, which was in flood, before the heavens opened and we hurried back to the boat and made a start on cooking dinner instead.


We can stay on our mooring just above York Street lock for five days and we hope that the river level will drop in that time so we can head down   river towards Worcester.



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