Friday 27 March

A calm and sunny morning – quite a contrast to yesterday.

We set off on foot to try to find the route of the now abandoned Shrewsbury & Newport Canal that once went off towards Shrewsbury from Norbury Junction.

The canal used to extend beyond the dry dock

The canal used to extend beyond the dry dock

We found it, having walked along the country lane towards Norbury village, turned left just before the village and to a bridge that spanned a wide muddy ditch.


We climbed down off the bridge and walked along the line of the canal, passing three disused locks that have been abandoned for quite a time as the trees have taken over and grown up through the old gates.


Work is underway to restore the canal but I think this is going to take some time.   There is a canal somewhere under this field …


After our walk we returned to the boat to start packing, and prepared the boat ready for its new crew.

They arrived about 8.30pm and, after a brief refresher on how everything works, we waved farewell and drove their car back to Beverley, arriving home just after midnight.


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