Wednesday 25 March

We woke to thick fog over the canal and decided to have a cooked breakfast and delay our departure to see if the sun would put in an appearance as forecast.

Literally as we finished washing up and putting away the last plate the sun came out and as we stepped off the boat we were surprised at how warm it was in direct sunlight. If it keeps this up we will soon be in shorts!

We had a slow pootle through Woodseaves Cutting and along the Shebdon Embankment, passing the old wharf with the working boats tied up, from where Chocolate Crumb was once transported to Cadburys in Birmingham. The factory is now owned by Knighton Foods.


We were aiming for The Anchor at High Offley as our guide-book describes it as an unspoilt pub, with log fires and real ales, that opens lunchtimes and evenings from March to October.   The last twice we have passed by it has been thriving but we’ve not been able to stop as we had already arranged to meet friends at Norbury.

We arrived in time to check in dayight whether it was open and their were glasses on tables in the beer garden so we assumed we’d missed the lunchtime opening and that it would open again in the evening.   We were wrong – it didn’t! Hey ho!


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