Monday 23 March

A visit to the chandlers in Market Drayton this morning, suggested that the price of marine paint has increased significantly as here too it was very expensive.   We bit the bullet and bought more undercoat and some black enamel and headed off to the 48 hour moorings above Tyrley Locks where there is a nice concrete edge and few walkers.

We were one of three boats heading up through the Tyrley Locks this morning. The front boat was an eighty year old single hander – there is hope for us all!

Once moored, the starboard gunwhale was sanded, washed, and the deep scratches were primed and then the cabin sides were polished with Mer.   The primer needs time to dry and so we’ll sand and undercoat tomorrow, weather permitting.

With time on our hands, we went for a circular walk taking the country lane towards the Four Alls pub, left onto the main road for about a mile and then we took the public footpath across farmland and back onto the canal close to Woodseaves Cutting.

The pub sign provided an explanation of the name; rule them all, fight them all, prey for them all, and pay for them all ie the monarchy, military, the clergy and the laity.

Beef stew and treacle sponge with custard for tea tonight. I think we’ve earnt it!



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