Thursday 19 March

We woke to thick fog again this morning.   The ‘BBC Weather’ on my phone was indicating that this would be with us all day and Radio 4 was warning asthma sufferers to stay indoors as the air quality was poor.

We decided to chance it as we only needed to travel two miles into Nantwich to fill up with water, diesel, coal and buy a new windlass at the chandlers. (I inadvertently dropped one in the canal at Wrenbury when it bounced off the tarmac towpath).

As we were filling up with water the sun came out and after finding a mooring we prepared to wash the port side of the boat and paint the gunwhale with primer to cover up our battle scars, in readiness for an undercoat and a coat of black enamel.

While the primer was drying I polished the cabin side with Mer while Storm fitted a grille to the side of the boat, over the loo vent.   He’s been meaning to do this for ten months!

Fingers crossed its fine again tomorrow so we can apply the undercoat.

Once we’ve finished painting this side, we’ll move the boat and look for somewhere where the towpath is on the other side of the canal so we can do the other side.


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