Tuesday 17 March

We walked Max across Whixall Moss nature reserve but to the untrained eye and without information boards to assist us, there was little to see as we were warned not to stray from the marked footpaths, which were all quite muddy. Either side of the paths were ditches of what looked like beer (oh if only) but it was the peat surface of the bog that was giving the water its colour.


We also inspected Bridge No 1 on the Prees branch as it’s a Grade II listed structure. It’s a lift bridge and the only thing we could think of as to why it was listed is that it is made entirely of wood, but other than that it looks like any other lift bridge.


After exploring the area we motored on.   Despite having had a decent walk this morning, Max decided he would prefer to walk some more and leapt off the boat at one bridge and ran ahead before jumping back on at the next.   He is getting to be a very cocky Cocker!

We travelled on past Whitchurch to Grindley Brook where we filled up with water and showered at the services there.   We then passed down through the staircase of three locks and continued on through five more locks before reaching our destination of Willeymoor Lock Tavern.     In 2011, when moored at Wrenbury, we passed this pub either mid morning or mid afternoon on our way out or back when the pub was closed and so we promised ourselves we’d call in this time.

The sun came out at 4pm this afternoon and it was so nice in the sunshine that we were only in shirt sleeves.


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