Sunday 15 March

Our rendezvous with Laura, Marc & Summer in Trevor was timed to perfection today as we all arrived at the same time so they could just step aboard at the junction with the aqueduct.

We were meeting up for Mother’s Day and Laura had made me some lovely raspberry and white chocolate muffins which we all shared, especially Summer who spotted cake and made a beeline for it.   The box of chocolates were saved to be devoured later.


Trying out the Captain’s chair


James & Ali hadn’t forgotten me either and had bought me the DVD of Mr Turner which is perfect as we missed seeing at the cinema.

Laura & Marc had specifically requested a trip across the aqueduct and they stayed out on deck with Storm to appreciate the experience, whilst I stayed inside the boat with Summer.


The trough of the Aqueduct

Once at the other side and through the lift bridge we moored up for lunch before continuing our mini cruise towards Chirk before winding near Chirk Marina and returning to Trevor.

After a lovely afternoon together we waved cheerio to our visitors and we winded and headed back over the aqueduct for the third time today.   We motored on to Chirk Bank before mooring for the night.



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