Friday, 6 March

Mark arrived early to deliver his bill for the battery replacement and to return our spare set of keys. We paid our dues and then moved off. Mark had advised that if we passed down through the top Hurleston lock we could wind in the pound below using the bank to help us, before returning back up through the lock to head towards Llangollen.

We moored up again close to the bridge where the A51 passes overhead to await an ASDA grocery drop scheduled for somewhere between 11am and 1pm.

While we waited we busied ourselves with various activities. While making a cup of tea a movement on the bank opposite caught my attention.   I grabbed my camera and legged it outside.   We eyed each other up for a minute before this mink dropped into the canal and swam away.


The ASDA van arrived at noon. As soon as all the provisions were packed away, we left Hurleston Bridge.

In the afternoon sun, it was warm and we had a pleasant cruise through familiar countryside back to Wrenbury passing through five more locks and one lift bridge.  It three weeks since we were last here and it amazing how much lighter it is in the evening, and how much warmer it is today.  The mobile signal hasn’t improved though!


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