Saturday 14 February

The towpath in Wrenbury seems to be an internet and mobile black spot and only if you wander through the village can you get a strong signal.

It is very quiet here at this time of year with lots of room to moor. We’re used to struggling to find somewhere to tie up and apparently it will be a very different story next month when the clocks go back and the weather improves.


We’re going to be heading back to Hurleston tomorrow to meet up with Mark again (the battery man) as he lives in the house beside Lock No 4. There are 14 day moorings there with easy access to the road and a regular bus service to both Chester and Crewe.

Yesterday we walked down to look at Wrenbury Railway Station where trains stop by request only.  When the overhead electronic time-table asked passengers to make their intentions clear to the driver, I had a mental image from the Railway Children of needing to wave red knickerbockers! From here you can catch trains to Crewe, Shewsbury or Camarthan at roughly two hourly intervals.

Today has been the warmest day of the year thus far at 8 deg C.   This prompted us to wash the outside of the boat as this has been much neglected over the winter.

[I hope you can now see the blog postings that were missing from last week] .


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