Wednesday 11 February

We’re still in Nantwich so we can better explore this town. We’ve visited previously by road, rail, bus and boat, but have never explored the area and so this is the first time that we’ve covered so much of the town on foot.


Nantwich is a market town that sits beside the River Weaver, once the centre of the salt industry, and still has many fine examples of tudor buildings, despite suffering a major fire in the 1500’s that destroyed much of the town centre. Nantwich is not to be confused with Northwich which also sits beside the River Weaver, and which is also famous for salt – Nantwich is much prettier and appears much wealthier.


Storm wanted a couple of parts for the Moulton and had heard that Nantwich had a couple of proper bike shops (run by guys who know what they’re talking about and who know what a ‘cotter pin’ is and who have racks of spare parts and not just an array of very expensive racing bikes!).


The first bike shop was closed for the day and so we went in search of ‘Steve’s Cycles’. This was hidden away, out of the town centre, and which we found thanks to Google Maps on our smart phone. It transpired that Steve also lives on a narrowboat and has plans to move out onto the canal and continually cruise in the near future as he dislikes marina living.   He was also a motorbike enthusiast and I thought I would never extract Storm from the shop as they were having such a good time chatting.   Anyway eventually Storm came away with more than he’d wanted – Steve just happened to have a pair of 14” bike tyres which are, apparently, a very rare commodity! (just the right size for a Moulton).


Spaghetti Bolognese for tea plus a couple of G&T’s whilst we played scrabble and read.


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