Monday 9 February

(We’re still not sure why some of our entries from last week appear to have disappeared from the blog site.  However, it appears that things are working again.)

We left Tower Wharf with mixed emotions.   It was nice to be underway again after being in one place for a month although we will miss being so close to family. Our first task was to work out way through the staircase of three locks at Northgate. It isn’t quite to scary going up in these locks as it is going down as there are fewer hazards and mistakes to be made.

At Hoole Lane Lock we met up with a CRT working boat that was starting its journey back to Llangollen and we shared the next five locks with them. The helmsman was quite chatty but the young lad working the locks was more interested in his mobile phone and so conversation was limited.

Once clear of the locks we followed them to Bates Mill Bridge near Beeston Castle where we moored up for the day.


(10.5 miles and 8 locks)


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