Saturday, 7 February

Laura and I headed to Manchester Central by train this morning, along with her best mate and chief bridesmaid to be, to a wedding fayre and came back with bags of goodies and more ideas for the big day. Storm spent the day alone and after a frustrating morning being baffled by technology he now has a new battery in his I-phone, a new external hard drive for the computer and has made arrangements to pick up another Ebay Moulton ‘project’ in the morning.   A man needs a project! This evening we’ve visited a pub that we’ve been meaning to visit for a long time – the Union Vaults in Egerton Street.   This is a back street real ale pub, not far from the canal and the train station that has remained pretty much unspoilt. The walls are covered with photographs of the canals when they were actually worked!


2 thoughts on “Saturday, 7 February

  1. Just been reading your posts from today and yesterday. Going to your home page you can see Sundays but then the next one is 21st January. I can only get to this post by clicking on the email. Thought you might want to know.
    Pip x

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