Sunday 25 January

For the last three days we’ve been making ourselves useful at Laura’s doing some DIY, gardening and sewing, oh and some babysitting.   It’s tough but someone’s got to do it!   We’ve been going back to the boat each evening and, despite the outside temperatures, we’ve been warm and cosy.

Time at Laura’s also means we can do our laundry, charge the phones and computer, have relaxing baths, and have lots of fun playing and reading Summer’s favourite book over and over again.   We have been asked for “Jeece” and if you look blank, the tommy tippy gets thrust at you.  We are so close to understanding what she is saying to us now  as there are some quite lengthy sentences that we’re supposed to recognise.  The only problem is that “Jeece”,  also sounds similar to her words for ‘stairs, cheese and biscuits’ but the nods when you guess right are quite emphatic.



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