Thursday 22 January

We were up early and had breakfasted, walked the dog and made it to Chester station in time to catch the 09.30 train to Liverpool.

We met our friend Margaret in the Liverpool Tate Cafe.   We can’t remember how many years it is since we’d last seen each other but we chatted away without pausing for breath until we looked at a watch and realised we’d been there two hours.

We left the gallery without seeing a single painting and instead headed towards Liverpool One for a mooch around, asking Margaret to show us some of her favourite places nearby.   We visited the old Blue Coat School which is now home to various art and craft shops and the attention to architectural detail from the renovation of the building was well considered.


In the courtyard of Bluecoat Chambers

We walked around the streets close to Bluecoat Chambers admiring other fine examples of old and new architecture in the area and hearing about the efforts of the Liverpool people to safeguard some of those threatened with demolition.

Buddlia bushes are taking over this building

Buddlia bushes are taking over this building


Herbert’s Hair Salon. (My Grandfather was called Herbert – it’s not a name you hear much these days!)


At 2pm Margaret left us to go and collect her grandson from school and we promised we wouldn’t leave it too long before we see her again.

We then had a stroll around the John Lewis store in Liverpool One and found some leather needles and some ‘extra strong’ thread as Storm is hoping to repair the Moulton bike saddle which is now the only thing left to refurbish.   The saddle is going to take quite a lot of work to put it back together though as it has literally fallen apart, but the rest of the bike now looks like new.

We returned to James Street station and didn’t have many minutes to wait for our train back to Chester.  Having been on a warm train for half an hour, the cold air hit us as we got off the train and we walked briskly back to the boat.  Max greeted us enthusiastically and I took him for a walk round the block to stretch his legs before returning to the boat to get warm.





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